Sunday 13 November 2011

Tying Up Loose Ends, Volume Six: The Afterword on the Aftermath

                 "Never let nothin' stand in my way..."
                                                  -Billy Ocean

  Remember the big wind back in April?

   Some boats came back, and some boats didn't.

   Toboggan, seen above, was back in the water this season  with a new mast.


  ...was in the water this season, and is now resting on a beefed up trailer.

Isyhia wasn't so lucky-  she was a write-off:

  She's like a desperate cougar in a bar at last call- at first glance she looks okay...

   At a  casual second glance  she looks like she just needs some cosmetics to return her to her former glory

But close up, in the cruel light of day, one realizes that she could wreck a marriage and a credit rating with no reward.

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