Tuesday 21 June 2011

Meet the Coasties

     "She drives real fast and she drives real hard..."
                                                -Jan and Dean

    Last night, Dock Six actively assisted the Canadian Coast Guard in important matters related to national security and the safety of our sovereign waters...

... the Coasties used an empty slip on the Dock to practice docking their go-fast RIB.

      The weather was perfect for practice last night, with flat seas and no wind, but, as we all know, nothing is tougher than docking when somebody is watching.

   Chris, Laura and Alex, approach the dock....

Chris has been with the Coast Guard for three years, Alex has two years of experience under his belt, and Laura is in her first year, which may explain the fierce look of thin-lipped concentration on her face, and the grave expressions of her colleagues

     Nah, she's got it...  I think.

     Tightening the chin strap-that's not a sign of confidence.  Quit posing and concentrate on the helm!

   Pretty cocky, getting all smiley before you've tied up.  It's not over yet!

  Getting closer....

This RIB, powered by  twin 175 hp Evinrude outboards, has a top speed of 45+ knots.

  No scrapes, no bumps, a textbook approach.  Nice work.

     A quick chat with the spectators, then back out to do it all over again.  Thanks for doing the work you do,  Chris, Alex and Laura.

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