Saturday 28 May 2011

In With The In Crowd!

     "Come on with me and leave your troubles behind..."
                                                                   -Dobie Gray

     We.  Are. In.

     Well, half in.  Whiskeyjack is hull-wet and in her slip.   Legacy?  Well, ahem, she will go in on the day she goes in, and not a moment before.  This spring has not been conducive to varnishing large uncovered objects.

     I am sore.  It has been an intense four days getting Whiskeyjack in the water.

     Below is the intrepid delivery crew:

   Gavin, Louise, and Finn the compact sportsdog.
   Not necessarily in that order.
More to follow later.

     Today we finish rigging and fit-out, if the weather cooperates.

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