Monday 30 May 2011

"In" Season Continues...

          So many people come walking by, looking so happy..."
                                                                      -Ivan Neville

      Hot, hazy, humid...  THIS is the promise that we hold onto all damn winter.  The hope that the lake will thaw,the rain and snow will stop,  the sun will return, the fish will bite, and the wind will blow.

      It seems that the promise has been kept..

      Lots of traffic on the Dock and in the marina today, and every face I saw had an ear-to-ear grin.

      Spring is the season of rebirth, and rebirth was a familiar theme among Docksters.  Jim and Marianne debuted their new fishing boat...

   slipped beside their painted and polished Siren, Cranky.

   Ooooohhhh, pretty!

    I'm gonna start a pool on when the first scratch is inflicted on the perfect finish in the cockpit- I'm calling June 2.

     Speaking of Jims, Carpe Diem splashed today.

     Jim was hard at work this winter renewing the brightwork, installing a new motor, adding some teak, and making an already pretty boat even prettier.  I caught him just as he was finishing painting the cuddy.
    You ever notice that nobody ever looks this happy while painting their house?

    When we pulled into our slip on Friday, we were surprised to see Drifter in the water.  SWMBO muttered, "It's kinda pitiful when a guy who doesn't even live in the country anymore has his boat in the water before us.:"
    We managed to catch up with Steve on Sunday, and were pleased to hear that he will be back fairly frequently throughout the season.

     Whiskeyjack  has a new neighbour, a C&C 24:

     The fish are back.  I think this one was grinning::

    And, of course, again this season, Dock Six gets the hoopty dock carts.  We're okay with that, though- it means that other docks rarely borrow our dock carts.


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  1. they are not going to give the guys who put outboard motors in the carts the good ones! :)

  2. That's the best looking Siren I have ever seen.

  3. Hello Brian, its jordan here my other blog had problems so I deleted it. Please follow me and i will follow you. The new blog is about the racing crew and our tanzer 22. Thanks


  4. also my adress stays the same and my name is now jordan not tanzer 22 and yes the siren looks amaazing!!!