Tuesday 22 February 2011

Reason #44 Why Summer is Better Than Winter

    "I get pushed out of shape, and it's hard to steer, when I get rubber in all four gears..."

     Changing  two tires in a gas station parking lot a half an hour from home in July heat is sweaty.  Changing two tires in a gas station parking lot a half an hour from home in February cold is just plain painful.  As an aside, did you know that a Smart Fortwo comes with a nifty tire inflator, but does not come with a JACK?  Neither did I when I left stately Jones manor on a rescue mission to save a SWMBO in distress.  Can you guess which tool I DIDN'T bring when I loaded tools and tires and dogs  into the back of  Lady Liberty and departed on aforementioned mission?

    When SWMBO's  er, enthusiastic approach to  green light launches collides with her laissez-faire attitude toward preventive maintenance, the result isn't pretty.


  1. that is some wasted tire!!!! You really need to change them more often.. heheheh


  2. ..petit quatre deux coupe, she don't know what she got...

    One for the oxymoron 'watch' file...'Smart Planning'

    Without the proper tools you must have been like a boat out of water...bet you also needed a whiskey, jack ;-)

  3. Hey garnet!
    Step away from the bad puns, and nobody has to get hurt. :)

    Are we going to see you this summer?