Saturday 19 February 2011

Introduction: It's 5 o'clock Somewhere.

   "Please allow me to introduce myself..."
                                  -The Rolling Stones

    Welcome aboard!   I'm Brian, and, when the water isn't too hard to float a boat, I live here on Dock Six at the Port Dover Harbour Marina in lovely Port Dover, Ontario.  Sharing the adventure is my lovely wife Louise (the "l" in "bljones"),  and our trusty mutts Inky and Finnegan. Joining us on the dock is  a varied cast of misfits, outcasts, oddballs, clowns, curmudgeons, crazies, coots, racers, cruisers, liars, lovers, old salts, young punks, sailors, fishers, SeaRay pilots  and even a couple of respectable citizens.  In other words,  a collision of lifestyles and life experience that makes for a unique and interesting boating community.
    Our summer home is "Whiskeyjack", a 23 foot long Georgian 23 sailboat.

   Alongside "Whiskeyjack" is "Legacy,"  a classic homebuilt wooden cabin cruiser  that we use as a "guest boat"

      There are worse ways to spend the summer.  Remember summer?  You know, that season with the sun and the heat and.... (sigh).

       Meanwhile, as I type this,  the wind is howling, the temperature is south of freezing, snow is drifting to the ground,  the boats are covered with tarps in the boatyard, and we are exactly halfway between last autumn's haulout and this spring's splash.  For northern latitude sailors this is the deepest, darkest day of winter.  That makes it the perfect time to dredge up memories of   warmer, happier times, with good friends, good winds, and good laughs.  Over the next few weeks I'll bring you up to speed on who we are, why we are the way we are, and how we all got here.  Then, once you've got the history of the Dock Six Sailing Club and Rum Drinking Society, I hope you'll continue to follow our adventures this season and beyond.  Maybe I might even find the answer to a dilemma I'm facing.  More on that later.
        So grab a beverage, cop a squat  and join us for a sundowner.  It's  5 o'clock somewhere.


  1. Great read Brian, thanks for easing the pain of my darkest hours of winter here in Boston. The sailing season is just way too short up here in the north!

  2. Thanks, everyone. Banging the keys seems to be making winter more bearable. Sort of.

  3. As a sailingclub should we have a clubhouse or are we going to stick with whiskey Jack

  4. Dock Six, You'll never drink alone.

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  6. Hi, I came to visit after reading a comment you wrote on sailnet about your misadventures. Just goes to show that no matter where we live, we`re all in the same boat together in one way or another. My comment is #488. Looks like an interesting blog ya got here. Fair winds...

  7. Brian,
    FYI, I've listed your blog on the liveaboard site where your fans can vote you up in the listings. Also, you can post a few articles there with a byline and active link to your Dock Six blog. (If you'd like to choose a pic to be displayed with your blog listing, just send it in through the site's Add YOUR Content or Suggest a Blog links.)
    Fair winds . . .
    Mik Hetu

  8. Hello Ive been trying to find a way to contact you and this is what I found. I have an S2 8.0c Im restoring and somebody stole the mast step suspiciously before I picked it up. I have scoured the internet to try to get a look at it to devise a plan on replacing it. I came across this site and hope you might be able to help me out.

    1. Hi Patrick, I justr got back from vacation, so I apologize foor this late reply. Let me do some rummaging tomorrow- I may have a spare mast step and matching pins. Regards, Brian

  9. Awesome thank you so much! It was on there when I first went to look at the boat then I noticed it was gone when I got it home as well as a few other hardware pieces. The mast step is the main concern though.