Sunday 9 June 2013

From the "This Has to Sting" files- 2013 Edition

"And we took off with a gust..."
                  -The Playmates

      The Dock Six Sail Rescue Squad's  newest members strut their stuff.

Frank And Lorraine, aboard their Northern 24, towed in a hapless and helpless Bayliner.  

      Bonus points for completing a portion of the tow under sail.

       The Sailpast of Shame is humiliating enough for most be  at the end of a sailboat-tugged string is  just  lemon juice in the dead-in-the-water wound.

Yep- looking happy,


Nice work, Frank and Lorraine- welcome to the Dock!

"Talk the Dock!"


  1. That is a really pretty little sail boat!

    1. Thank you - we like our little sail boat!!

  2. Hi Brian:

    We publish Ontario Sailor Magazine. Interested in writing a funny column periodically on sailing? If so, send me a note and we can get talking.

    Greg McDowell. 905-434-7409.

  3. Stick boaters arise! We are the reliable ones. Keep the stinkpots humble. And do it for $1.00 in gas if necessary. Of course if it was a Sea Ray, they would have called the coast guard.

  4. Thank you Brian for posting these pictures!! Oh the laughs we have had with these pictures already!!
    Lorraine and Frank

  5. hey well i was glad my sister and brother-in-law were there to rescue my husband and best see my husband has been working on this project boat for awhile now and to have a small electrical problem no biggie..thank god for my sister for my husband is a stage 5 kidney patient and has had many heart attacks..God bless Lorraine and Frank..Love you for your care and help..Your sister and brother-in-law..hugs