Friday 31 May 2013

Spooky Dusk

    "Where anything can happen when the zephyr blows..."
                                   -Robbie Robertson

       From mid-May until, say, late September, the weather on the north shore of Lake Erie is pretty predictable.  It's like a meteorological haiku:
      Calm from dawn until noon.
      Breeze until late evening.
      Calming  towards morn.

     Today was weird.  Breezy this morning and choppy on the Bay, hot, humid, dead calm and dead flat this afternoon, then a storm rolled in , and it got weird.

     Intense rain for about 10 minutes, then the fog fell.

    This ain't Maine- we just don't get fog in May. At 5:30 at night.


   Then it rained again.

    Visibility increased, and  you could actually see the fog roll back in. I am not indulging in a lazy cliche here,  at least not this time- it literally rolled across the Bay.

   The mist crept onto shore like something out of a Stephen King flick. 

  Within minutes, the marina was covered in an unsettling blanket:

     When the weather gets weird, what do the weird do?  Pour another glass of wine.

     I'm glad to see the precipitation- we can definitely use the moisture right now, weird or otherwise.

"Talk the Dock!"

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