Monday 17 October 2011

Two-Burner Meal of the Week #5- T-Day Turkey with a Twist

    "...bird,bird,bird, the bird is the word..."
                                -The Trashmen

     Yeah, I know, it's been a while.

      In the words of Inigo Montoya:
     Lemme esplain.
     No, there is too much.
     Lemme sum up.

     Lately the dirt-job has put a serious dent in Dock time, but that's okay- we can use the income for the supersecret project under development in the skunkworks at stately Jones manor.  And, according to our insurer, stately Jones manor has needed to become more stately- I held the usurious bastards  insurance company off until fall, but now it's time to deal with railings and galvanized plumbing, which according to my insurance agent is a household ticking time bomb.  (Don't even get me started on galvanized plumbing.  I think it's the peanut allergy of the home insurance industry.)  So between working 12 hour days and  home maintenance, there has been precious little time to blog.  The weather, largely cold and miserable recently, has done it's part to firmly jam a spanner in the gears, providing precious little to blog about.

     Anywrench, I needed to get back on the boat bad. 

     The weather gods must have heard us, since the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend was absolutely gorgeous- sunny and warm.
     Mostly no wind, but two out of  three ain't bad.

  Finn was happy to be back as well. He got a chance to catch up with the kids from slip 105

     My parents decided to high-tail it to Chicago for the Thanksgiving weekend, meaning that the usual over-the-river-and-through-the-woods-to-grandmother's-house tradition is on hiatus this year, so SWMBO and I decide to do Thanksgiving dinner aboard Whiskeyjack.  

     Thanksgiving dinner just ain't right without guests, though, so we invited Jack. He brought his most excellent four layer dessert.
And his sister Judi and his brother-in-law Jakob, visiting from the Netherlands.
And Melanie.
Who brought wine.

   Cooking the typical behemoth 174 lb. holiday turkey just ain't gonna happen in our galley.  So we decided to do something different- Peking Turkey.

    The recipe is here:

(  BTW, fresh cilantro makes a small boat smell really, really good.)

     And then, we cheated.

    We hauled out burner number THREE, our grille.

   While the grille warmed, I stepped down into the galley and worked up the stuffing


(Full disclosure: We didn't really cheat.  We ran out of alcohol when refilling the burners this weekend so we were down to one working burner on the galley stove.)

With the grille hot we loaded the breasts into it, snuggled a tinfoil wrapped ball of stuffing into the remaining space...

, and set to work on the sides- stuffing, steamed green beans with hoisin sauce and mashed turnips and potatoes.

    An hour later we flipped the breasts and pulled the stuffing off the grille.  One look told me it was too late.
Hell, it might have been too late when I started- mandarin oranges really have no place in stuffing.

After an absolutely awesome sunset...

We cracked the bottles and dug in.

      Yeah, the presentation is lacking, the stuffing is AWOL and the biscuit has a bite out of it-  it was tasty.

    Seconds were had and the plates were cleaned, and then we dug into dessert.
    Jack's awesome four layer dessert and SWMBOs low-calorie pumpkin pie.

   As the season winds down, it's the memories that sustain us through the long cold winter. Here's another good one to add to the album.  Happy Thanksgiving, Jack, Melanie, Judi and Jaap!

    And, as always, thanks to all of you for hanging out with us.  Please feel free to "Talk the Dock!  Link us, follow us, or just tell your friends.

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