Sunday 23 October 2011

Need Proof that Dock Six is a Magical Place?

     "Never believe it's not so..."

      The dock is looking seriously sparse.  Eric is out, Both Jims are out, Hillary is out, 20th Hole is out, Drifter is stripped and ready to haul...

 The marina office is closed, the gas dock is closed, and the wi-fi is shut down.  Okay, okay, I get the point-  the season is rapidly coming to an end. To further emphasize the point, the last few days have been rainy, windy, cold and generally miserable.

     However, there are still some decent sailing days left between storms.  Today was one of them.  Too nice to pass up even though SWMBO was AWOL, I headed out solo.

      Not strictly Dock related, but in other marina news, Demeter III  has been sold.  One of my favourite boats in the marina, skippered by a character, she hasn't moved much in the last few seasons.  With a new owner, whether she will remain here is unknown.


  The "fawl-yedge" is not as pretty as it was last year at this time, likely because most of the leaves were blown off the trees last weekend.  But crappy leaves always look better from the water.

     Of course no decent sailing day is complete without Jack...

     ...and Baasje

     I should be smiling on a day like today, but attempting to take a decent self-portrait and sail at the same time  leaves me with a collection of either a) out of focus shots or b) "okay, focus, range, steer, focus, frame, *click,* crap"  serious concentration pictures.  This is the best of a bad bunch.

   As usual, while I was snapping shots of Jack, he was snapping shots of Whiskeyjack:

     We have had a buttload of amazing sunsets this season.  Tonight was no exception.

And the payoff- if this isn't magical, nothing is.

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  1. Not like last time, 20+ deg heeling and 2.1 knots (SOG) with Bare Poles, a picture that day would be worth a thousand words, keep up the great blogging always a great read

  2. I hauled After School on Saturday after waiting 2 weeks for decent sailing weather. Wouldn't you know it it's be great weather since!