Thursday 5 June 2014

....And Now, Something Completely Different

    "Time for a cool change..."
             -Little River Band

   It's kinda embarrassing to look back and see that I didn't post one post to the D6C, not one, during the month of May.

   I've got a really good excuse, though.

   There is a new old boat occupying our slip.

More details to come shortly.

I promise.

No, really, I mean it.
Stay tuned.

In the meantime, Whiskeyjack, our doughty Georgian 23 pocket cruiser/summer home is for sale.

  That's right, Whiskeyjack is for sale.  She has always brought us home, and now we'd like her to find a good home.  Try your offer- you might be surprised.

"Talk the Dock."


  1. I really like those port windows along the hull. My 8.0c doesn't have those.

  2. With a newcomer to blog postings, I can't seem to find how to post a question about your Rubber Duck dinghy, reviewed under the Gear and Tool Reviews. I was wondering when you bought the dinghy and if the retailer on Van. Is. was S&G Power in Vic?
    Do you still have it, or will it go with the lovely Whiskeyjack?
    Thanks. Susan, S/V Planet

  3. With apologies, as a newcomer to blog posts, I didn't see where I might post a question on one of your Gear and Tool Reviews, about the Rubber Duck dinghy. Did you purchase it from S G Power in Victoria? Was the five year warranty a manufacturer's one?
    Are you continuing to enjoy the dingy, or does it go with the lovely Whiskeyjack?
    With thanks, Susan, S/V/Planet

  4. It's a change. You've gone over to the light side, but you've got darkness on your sails. Looking forward to taking a tour