Sunday 10 February 2013

Best Low-Buck Winter Project EVER! Today.

      ".. running up that hill...."
                      -Kate Bush

    I hate winter.

    The water is too hard to float a boat, it is too cold for epoxy to cure, the snow is too deep (lately) for cargo shorts to be comfortable, and returning to the stately Jones manor everyday underscores how much half-assed, half-finished maintenance is still half- finished.
   And still half-assed.


   Jack has got it figured out.

    (Shameless plug here.  Jack is thinning  his fleet .  If you need a Bluenose, now's the time.)

  He doesn't fight the season.

   He embraces it.

     Check it out:

      One  rear motorcycle wheel...

  Bolted to an electric motor, shrouded in a plastic bucket, all hanging on  a fence post...

   ... The front  motorcycle wheel is here, on a fence rail tripod....

... at the end of hundreds of feet of rope...

   At the bottom of the hill, er slope.

   Dude has built himself a rope tow in his backyard!!!

  I'm not sure which is more impressive, the rope tow or the fact that a guy who qualifies for seniors' discounts is snowboarding.

    Keep on keeping on, Jack!

    "Talk the Dock!"


  1. Awesome!Where is this?

  2. So is that a couple of grand worth of Spectra?

  3. Spectra? Involved in a Dock-related project? Knowing Jack, it's 18-20 old mainsail halyards from boats that have been keel and gear donors knotted together.

  4. Winter sucks down here.
    Maybe I'll move to Oymyakon valley.
    Minus 67 Celcius should keep the snow nice and crisp.