Friday 10 February 2012

Getting All Fancy and Official

         "Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality..."
                                                          -Bob Marley

          Back before Christmas, on my third trip of the week to my local NOSLY (Neighbourhood Old School Lumber Yard), the counterman remarked that I should open a commercial account.
        "It'll save you 15%."  he says.

       Cheaper.  Cheaper is good.  I like cheaper.

       "What do you need from me," I ask.

      Counterman replies, "Tax number and company letterhead."

      Okay, tax number I've got, but I have no letterhead.  I'd been tossing around a business name for a while, but had done nothing concrete.  Now, with some incentive, I dusted off some old logo ideas and pondered how to turn my scribbling into something usable.

      With some help from WLYDO confederate Rick at Sons Creative  I came up with something workable that, I think, accurately portrays who we are and what we do:


Note to self- figure out how to crop and enlarge in Publisher.

Emboldened by my results, I ginned up some business cards for the Chronicles.

Anybody have any thoughts on the logos?

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  1. Both logos are great! The SLBC logo implies fun at kid level, and the big "6" makes the dock look a lot more serious than your blog portrays. I like the juxtaposition of that last one. There's also enough room on the card to scribble personal info right on the front.

    Great job, Sir.
    Paul from NWOnt

  2. I like them both. Is it going to be one or the other or will both me somehow incorporated?


  3. Eric, two separate logos for two separate purposes. The blog card came in handy at the boat show to get access and info. That's the fun/work part of my boat life. The SLBC logo is for the work/fun side of things, to get jobs and discounts.
    I've also made up some boat cards as well, if anyone is interested.

  4. The logo is great and I love the slogan, "Talk the Dock!". So tell us more...What is the vision for the Small Little Boat Co.?

  5. The vision is pretty myopic- it is really tunnel vision. It's all about boats.
    Build small boats, undertake small projects on big boats, and big projects on small boats. Need shelves? A cockpit table? New gunwales on your canoe? Brightwork refreshed on your cruiser? A new dinghy? A small cruising catamaran?
    Like that.