Saturday 24 December 2011

Me and Mrs. Jones, a Decade On.

      "Holding hands, making all kinds of plans..."
                                             -Billy Paul

     SWMBO and I celebrate our tenth anniversary today.  Every day I am amazed that she continues to tolerate me- my barrel of luck is larger than most.

      Thanks for a wonderful decade, sweety, I love you.

    After a flurry of activity in the skunkworks earlier, I am taking the rest of the day off after writing this memo:

   Note to self-

Hanging  C-clamps from the overhead pipes is a great to get them out of the way, yet still have them close to hand.  With 7' of headroom in the skunkworks, and with a personal airdraft of 5'6", there is lots of clearance.

Forgetting you have  C-clamps hanging 7' overhead while carrying 78" long pieces of moulding vertically is an effective way of bouncing a C -clamp off your head.

CONTINUING to carry said lumber after the first clamp drops on your head is not recommended...
If there are 5 more still hanging.  For the moment.

I got every damn one.  And every one got me.

I am going to lay down now.

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  1. knock knock..
    whos there..
    See who
    C Clamp...

  2. I am sure that the clamps get their name from their shape, but as a musician you most certainly know that they are not all accurately tuned to "C". Perhaps a helmet is in order?

  3. 10 years? Wow! You should offer a course to the Kardashians and Sinead O'Connor and others. If you could guarantee them a year, they would pay you lots I'm sure.