Monday 1 August 2011

Tributary Tutorial #3: Tug Town.

      "Nothin' I'd do for you that's too tough for me..."
                                   -The Fabulous Thunderbirds

  When I last bored you to tears waxed rhapsodic about the waters that feed the bay, I left you on the banks of the upper Lynn River. It's time again  to pick up the thread and continue to patch together this crazy quilt of local geography.

     After leaving behind the post-agrarian-industrial ruins along her banks in Simcoe, the mighty Lynn meanders through the Lynn Valley (spot a trend?) to Port Dover.  Here the river briefly widens into a reservoir known as Silver Lake before falling over a controversial dam, past the ruins of Misener's mill, and merging  with Black Creek before exiting into the Bay.   Riddle me this- does the Lynn River become Black Creek downstream of the fork, or does the Creek become the River?  My money is on river, but it is unclear on the charts.   I'm pretty sure a creek can empty into a river but a river cannot empty into a creek.   Anystream, this is where the last  of Port Dover's heavy-metal workboats reside.  

     This is Tug Town.

    This is the off-hours home to dredges, barge haulers, tugs and  tour boats.  It's also home to a number of converted pleasure tugs.  I'll let the pictures tell the story.

   This is also where the elephants come to die- Gamble's shipyard.

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